Land of Britain vows to fashion a completely dynamic game world


Stack this on top of grand promises made in MMO history: The upcoming tri-faction Land of Britain is going to attempt to pull off a fully dynamic game world where both players and mobs can change the landscape.

According to a studio press release, the game will be defined by a world that “constantly changes due to events” including weather, player decisions, and enemy creation actions. Mobs will scale according to player levels and have an artificial intelligence that impacts their surroundings.

“An old abandoned temple could be invaded by a pack of mobs, which will seize [it and make] it the base of their interests until transforming it in a dungeon,” Potato Killer gave as an example.

The studio said that mobs will evolve and gain new skills as they level and might even turn on each other. Another example of the ever-changing world is that the nighttime will be more dangerous than the day and offer different quests and events.

Source: Potato Killer Studios press release
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