The Secret World introduces hoverboards and lucky coins


Recently, Lead Designer Romain Amiel went to the forums to explain The Secret World’s new currency and gift bag in more detail, but it was today’s teaser tweet that stole the spotlight: hoverboards! Long-hinted at, this upcoming sprint customization has now been visually confirmed via video clip, which you can watch below.

As for the new currency, Amiel explained that the new lucky bags and coins were developed in response to players requesting permanent versions of event gift bags and their coveted social goodies. Lucky coins are like the other special event coins (that players still have, but that are hidden until said event shows up again), not the various system-centric currencies that were recently revamped. Amiel called this new currency “more of a item store ‘loyalty program’ that we can sometimes give away during certain event or promotions.” Players can use these coins to purchase the rarest items directly from Mr. Knickknack, a baubles vendor located in the Darkside of London. As a bonus, all items in these bags can also now be traded until used.

Source: Twitter teaser; Lucky Coins. Thanks to Nordavind for the tip!
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