‘Hardcore Russian’ MMO Sphere 3 aims at open beta


Do you often find yourself bemoaning the carebear environment of current MMOs and missing the “good old days” of unrelenting player killing across virtual worlds? Then one new Russian title might be your savior: Sphere 3: Enchanted World.

The latest in the Sphere series, which stretches back to 2000, Sphere 3 presents widespread PvP, an “unforgiving but fair” PK system, and castle sieges. But it’s not only about PvP, as the game also offers over 1,000 quests, nine classes, four races, and a huge storyline.

Sphere 3 is currently aiming at an open beta test this fall and has been greenlit on Steam. “This autumn you can find out yourself what hardcore Russian PvP means!” Nikita Online said.

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