Arabic-language MMO Areeb World releases on Steam


It’s not common at all to see Arabic-language MMOs release in the west, which is why the recently released Areeb World might merit some attention.

The game, which does not have an English version, features a scientifically advanced city that was destroyed by powerful robots created by the population. To help rebuild the metropolis, players jump into roles such as teacher or doctor and utilize math, science, and robots in the task. Yes, it’s one of those teaching kid-friendly games, but there is combat as well.

According to creator Essam Alzamel, “Areeb World is an educational game with the goal of teaching primary school students mathematics, science, and English without indoctrination.”

Areeb World has a rather hefty price tag attached, however: The title is $55 on Steam.

Source: Steam, Steam Greenlight. Thanks to Ehra for the tip!
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