MapleStory goes back to basics with its Reboot world


The Reboot world is a new way to experience MapleStory, or perhaps an old way to experience it in a new way. It’s a chance to start fresh, but also a chance to take on a new sort of challenge in the game. Players on the Reboot world will be facing harder monsters along with bigger rewards for slaying them, simplified item upgrades, and an environment that’s generally all about just smashing the crap out of monsters before taking their stuff.

Many of the existing cash shop items will be purchased for mesos on the Reboot world, while other items can be purchased directly rather than as part of surprise boxes and the like. Players can also create any job desired on the world, other than Zeros, and receive loot drops oriented just for the specific job being played. Check out a trailer just below if you want to try a fresh reboot on the game experience.

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