That Ghost in the Shell shooter is coming to Steam


The nominees for this year’s most ridiculously long game title are as follows: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online. Actually that’s it, there’s just one nominee, because who in their right mind slaps a game with such a lengthy moniker?

Nexon does, apparently, and it wants you to know that GitS:SAC-FAO (sorry, I’m not typing all that crap again) is coming to Steam. I have no idea when it’s coming to Steam, because Nexon’s press release fails to mention that bit of info. I suppose you can add it to your wishlist and be notified later, though.

GitS:SAC-FAO players will join Section 9, an elite force of cybernetically enhanced badasses who fight terrorists on the “neon-drenched streets of a futuristic Japan.”

Source: Steam
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