Red 5 Studios is undergoing ‘strategic reorganization’


Firefall developer Red 5 Studios is apparently in the midst of a “strategic reorganization,” according to a message from the executive team passed along to us this evening through PR:

Red 5 Studios Update: Strategic Reorganization
Irvine, CA – January 7, 2016 – Red 5 Studios, Inc. is continuing to undergo reorganization and resource optimization efforts in order to secure our direction to meet the market needs of China and other Asian countries. The recent reorganization efforts include optimizing development resources and keeping bringing in new expertise and skill sets.

Our support to Firefall and our players are continuous with content updates and customer support. As always Red 5 Studios is committed to providing the best gaming experiences to our audiences.

We would like to extend our gratitude again to all of our players for their long term support.
-Red 5 Studios

Red 5 made headlines over the holidays when anonymous employees accused it of failing to pay devs over Christmas and allegedly threatening whistleblowers with legal action, though the studio was apparently able to meet payroll by the new year. The Chinese servers are due to be showered with over $1.5 million in promotional goodies.

In less ominous Firefall news, Massively OP reader I-Spy passed along a video of multiseat vehicle that will serve as compensation for players affected by the Arsenal battleframe nerf. There’s also a full migration guide to help players navigate the upcoming patch currently on the public test server.

Source: Red 5 Studios PR
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