The9’s CEO is throwing over a million bucks at Chinese Firefall players


It’s kind of a nail-biting time to be looking in from the outside when it comes to Red 5 Studios and Firefall. The past few big stories have centered on not patches or content but on the fact that dev pay was delayed over Christmas (which the company says has now been rectified). But it’s happy times for the game over in China, as parent company The9‘s CEO is showering the game’s Chinese testers with over a million dollars in promotional items.

The plan is to distribute ¥10 million ($1.53 million US) worth of “red packets” (presumably akin to gifts for Chinese New Year) to players, which probably means lots of promotional codes. Considering the fact that $100 million has been invested in the game’s release in China, there’s the possibility that it involves actual real money. Regardless, it doesn’t exactly sit nicely next to stories about the US team being unable to make payroll on time.

Source: MMO Culture
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