Skyforge adds swampy Magnican Lakes territory


Critters are always getting into where they don’t belong, and it’s no different in Skyforge. This time the invaders have settled in the swampy Magnican Lakes, a newly opened hostile territory composed of four different overland zones, each with its own Ether Resonators. The closer players get to each resonator, the more difficult the creatures become, but for those willing to play exterminator, the rewards for defeating the infestation (sparks of revelation and trophies of the invading armies) also increase as you go.

For those who want additional challenge, more dangerous enemies can be found underneath it all in a two-level temple that has six different floors to explore and clear out. Then, in the heart of the swamp itself, players may find and face the leader of these invaders. Get a glimpse of these new dangers in the screenshots below.


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Can we actually call this newly opened? They only just opened Ontes Valley, so we might not be seeing this Hostile Territory outside of Russia for another two months, probably.