Scarlet Blade will sunset next month


We’re genuinely sorry to report that Aeria Games has announced an impending closure for the notoriously suggestive MMORPG Scarlet Blade. Aeria broke the sad news earlier today:

Scarlet Blade is about to turn 3 years old. Unfortunately, the last year has been especially tough for our femmes fatales due to technical issues such as server instabilities and minimal content updates. The last big content update was almost patched a year ago, and received a lot of mixed feedback. Around this time the developer of Scarlet Blade had to heavily cut down on its resources due to economical reasons. Sadly, this change resulted in long waiting times for new content and fixes for service instabilities.

The peak of those issues happened during December, when a technical issue prevented us from patching a content update and had to be rolled back. Since then it has been impossible for us and our developer to find the root of this issue. With missing content updates and continuing server instabilities, we are having a difficult time delivering a quality experience to you. Therefore we have decided with a heavy heart to discontinue service for Scarlet Blade, effective March 31, 2016.”

Aeria says players’ accounts will be reimbursed for all purchases made in 2016 with funds that can be spent in other Aeria games. In fact, players are encouraged to migrate to Echo of Soul, where they will receive what Aeria is calling a “huge Veteran Item Package,” including an advanced level 35 character.

We teased the game back on Massively-that-was when it started making headlines back in 2013, sending a squad of goofball writers in for a first impressions, and for the amusement it provoked, it will forever remain legendary. Our hearts go out to all gamers affected by the sunset.

Source: Aeria Games. With thanks to Scott.
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