Allods Online explains gearing changes for the New Order update

Top gear indeed.

The New Order hitting Allods Online is going to be changing how players acquire gear in a big way, and it’s going to be all about keys and boxes. Surreal Keys are going away altogether, replaced with Astral Keys that get automatically rewarded to player every day in batches of 14 once the appropriate quest is completed. Every character can store up to 196 of these keys, and subsequently can use them on unlocking loot boxes to contain valuable high-end gear.

Boxes can be obtained through a variety of endgame activities and automatically unlock for players who have a key to unlock said box. Each box contains parts for a certain equipment slot, a piece of equipment that’s slightly less powerful than the parts for that equipment, gold, and various other small rewards. Epic and legendary boxes consume two keys at a stretch, making their powerful contents slower to acquire. It’s going to make for a different experience when you’re gearing up your next character once the patch goes live, but then, the patch is promising a new order after all.

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