Tree of Savior puts its early access to player vote


The Tree of Savior devs are reworking their plans for early access based on player “feedback.”

IMCGAMES says that its three-month exclusive access plan was conceived from concern over stability once the international audience stampedes the game’s doors; it hoped to avoid high concentrations of players, queues, and bots and wanted to use the early access to gauge demand.

“However, we realized that we had missed some critical points after seeing the feedback on yesterday’s announcement. The largest point that we missed was that the 3-month gap may cause a divide in the gaming community. We had made options to access the game at lower prices after 1 or 2 months in order to lessen such a divide but realized that it wasn’t enough. The feedback gave us a chance to reconsider the initial plan of having 3 months of exclusive access as it proved to be too long for many players.”

“We consider communities to be an integral part of MMORPGs and we consider each and every single player to be important to us regardless of whether or not they pay for the game. We would also like to offer our sincerest apologies for changing to a Founder’s Server after announcing an Open Beta without sufficient explanation.¬†We would like to find a way to make amends for announcing a news that let many players down who had been waiting for an Open Beta.”

That way comes in the form of a poll on the official forums, for which you’ll have to register to vote.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Colton!
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