TERA’s reward program includes exclusive dungeon [update]

[AL:TERA]TERA is kicking off its player loyalty reward program today, and it might surprise you with how it’s structured.

The program has two facets, so pay attention. The rewards emporium is a new store with several tiers that are gradually unlocked as players accrue reward points. There are ways to earn these points in the game, but a faster way to get them is by spending money in the store.

As options are unlocked in the emporium, they can be purchased using reward credits — and these can only be attained initially by spending money. See a trend here?¬†However, the first unlockable tier of the emporium will open up an exclusive dungeon that can be run once a day to earn extra credits.

Even if you’re not in the mood to spend money, you might want to check out the new program anyway, as En Masse is giving all players a pool of credits depending on their existing progress in the game.

Update: En Masse contacted us to clarify that the dungeon is not pay-to-access: “The way it’s set up, the dungeon doesn’t give money or loot. It just gives reward credits to be used in the TERA rewards store based on your tier. Also, the average player will be able to earn access to the dungeon within about two to five days without purchasing anything.”
Source: TERA. Cheers, Porcula!
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