Black Desert turns to its playerbase to hunt down cheaters for prizes

In hindsight, this was a bad decision.

Daum EU is asking for help cracking down on cheating in Black Desert — from you.

“We invite each of you to join us in the Hacker Hunting Initiative as we bring the banhammer down on those who can’t cut it without cheating,” the studio wrote this morning. “We have setup a special queue for Hacker & Exploit Reports and going forward we will be rewarding those who submit video proof that confirms such activity.”

Daum says that Black Desert players who report bots, hackers, and griefers will be granted a smattering of in-game rewards and buffs, but don’t think you’ll be able to grief or exploit with the feature yourself.

“Now to be clear all submissions will be reviewed by our staff and the video needs to visibly include the server, channel, evidence of cheating and name of the player in question. When you submit a video as described above and it leads to the removal of the cheater you will earn one of the following rewards. Please note these rewards are only given to the first five confirmed reports and reports on players that have already been banned will not receive an reward. Once the investigation is complete and ban is finalized rewards will be sent out.”

Daum further says that it’s working on other anti-cheating measures too.

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Leiloni and Joel!
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