Master x Master spotlights the support abilities of Demenos


Do you ever wonder about how characters in MOBAs go to the bathroom? The newest video highlighting Master x Master‘s support caster Demenos makes it a relevant question. Sure, form-fitting bodysuits raise questions, but at least the people wearing them have roughly human anatomy. Demenos is just a floating idealized torso from the waist up. What happens if he’s out drinking all evening and really needs a stop in the restroom? Does he just slink behind an alley and do something that you don’t want to watch happen?

If you would rather not consider these questions, you can focus instead upon what Demenos does in battle, which is support people. And he’s good at it, too; depending on his build and abilities, he can act as a healer, crowd control, or straight-up damage. Check him out in action in the full video just past the break, which does nothing to answer any burning questions you might have about how the heck his digestive system works as just a floating torso.

Source: YouTube
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