The Black Death puts in an early version of crafting


You can better believe that in a survival sandbox game, there’s going to be a heapload of crafting. So it will be with The Black Death, even though the products made will be less technologically advanced or magical than might be seen in other games.

In a new dev diary, the team said that it had just put a very early version of crafting on the beta servers for players to try. While the system appears to be fairly standard, allowing players to select recipes and fill them with ingredients, there is the interesting twist of being able to select an “audacity” level. The higher the chosen level, the better the possible quality of the craftable — but the greater the chance for failure, too.

The Black Death devs also showed off construction and refinement of Laketown, the monastery, and Farleigh Citadel. The monastery will be the hub for monk players, who will be protected by Templar guards patrolling the grounds.

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