RUST’s player-made hobo simulator is as hardcore as they come


For some, one of the factors that keeps players returning to multiplayer sandboxes is the ability to mod the game and make up their own rules. Apparently the RUST community is enjoying an explosion of creativity, prompting the team to draw up a post highlighting some of the most interesting finds of the month.

One player decided to turn RUST into a hobo simulator: “He imposed rules on how he could survive: everything scavenged; nothing earned (i.e., no hitting rocks, trees). He could only eat what he found in trash or on bodies, and resources were gathered from the ground or corpses. Or traded, but you’ll see that trading is largely him running after people screaming for help.”

Other projects include a wicked-looking shotgun model, a flyover of RUST player bases, and a RUST personality attempting to go undercover. Of course, your mind is still on the “hobo simulator” bit, so we’ll help you out by showing you the video of this mode after the jump.

Source: RUST
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