Anarchy Online outlines its 15-year anniversary celebration

I am not supporting this lizard-shooting quest.

The Anarchy Online servers have been going for 15 years now. That’s a long time for a game to be running. If the game were a person, it would legally be able to… well, wait another year until it could get a driver’s license, but still. That’s a long while, and the game has an appropriately extensive anniversary celebration planned for everyone to dive in and enjoy, including accounts for players who have drifted away from the game. You can even get special rewards just for jumping back in and buying a membership for a while.

Once you’re actually just playing the game, you can take on the Desert Rider and the Desert Nomads with the full support of the Tinker, with special armor available for those who help the latter in her goal to just shoot the Desert Nomads so many times. A new research line will also be available, along with extra veteran points and veteran rewards. Last but not least, Notum Towers will have more reliable windows for attacking while more towers will be available for purchase. The anniversary event runs from June 23rd until July 11th, so get ready to jump back in and wish the game a happy birthday.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Flatline and Ekurisona for the tip!
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