Perpetuum Online upgrades time-based skill progression system

Perpetuum Online upgrades time-based skill progression system

Being late to the party in Perpetuum Online is a more significant issue than in most MMORPGs, as Perpetuum offers a time-based skill progression system that was implemented for “equal opportunity.” Ironically, the passage of time has taken the equality out of the system by favoring those who have been with the game longer over those who are just starting and can never catch up.

Seeing the problem with this, Perpetuum’s devs have made significant changes to its extension point system to make it a little more fair and versatile. The first change is that EPs now will be given for several in-game activities, including mining, assignments, and combat kills. The second is that newer players will enjoy an EP reward multiplier that’s far greater than the one that veterans experience in the hopes that it can give a leg up to those starting out.

“We have determined a ‘desired’ amount of EP that every Perpetuum account should have at some point in the future (currently at three million EP), and we compare it to the total EP on your account,” the studio posted. “Then, we employ a bonus multiplier to the EP rewards listed above, and the less EP your account has, the higher this multiplier will be.”

Source: Dev diary, patch notes. Thanks Voidstar for the tip!

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