Lord of the Rings Online players wear yellow to honor a fallen friend

This past weekend you might have seen a particular hashtag pop up on Twitter, #YellowforTinki, and wondered what it meant. Apparently it was in honor of a Lord of the Rings Online player named Tinki (real name Ron) who passed away recently after his battle with cancer.

Tinki’s kinship, the Lonely Mountain Band, staged an in-game memorial on Sunday to remember this long-time player and friend. Those attending were encouraged to dye their outfits yellow in honor of him, and shared music and stories during the service.

“There is a reason that Tinki was so well known within the community,” attendee Braxwolf wrote, “even by folks who weren’t personally acquainted. His reputation consisted of always being extremely helpful to any in need. So much so that he actually stood out within a community that is known for such kindnesses. ”

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