Survival sandbox Fragmented adds vehicle weapons, ruleset GUI for custom servers


Patch 16.7.1 is live on the Fragmented servers today. The Repopulation-themed survival sandbox is getting two big improvements¬†as part of the update, chief among them a first pass on vehicle weapons and slow but armored vehicles. Ammunition isn’t in yet, but Above & Beyond says it’s a likely addition down the road.

“The 2nd feature is the introduction of a new ruleset GUI,” explains the studio. “If you use the /ruleset command or click on the new Ruleset button from the GUI you will find the ruleset now has a GUI that you can interact with. This will make it much easier to change all the configuration values if you are playing on your own server or if playing single player.”

My favorite patch note, however, is all about the realisms:

“Steel knives can now be used to obtain seeds from Herbal Flowers.”

Above & Beyond tells us that the game will be marked 75% off this week on Steam (just under 5 bucks), so look for that deal after 1 p.m. EDT today through next Monday.

Source: Press release, official site
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