Activision-Blizzard Q2 2016: Overwatch at 15M users, WoW sees growth


Activision-Blizzard has released its Q2 results for 2016. No, you won’t be getting hard World of Warcraft numbers — that all came to an end last year. But the company is happy to tout 491 million monthly active users across all its games, 33 million of which were specific to Blizzard’s titles, a record for the company. The press release cites Overwatch’s launch — it’s up to 15 million boxes sold now — and growth for WoW too as the chief cause of Blizzard’s performance:

“Blizzard had the biggest quarterly online player community in its history, with MAUsA of 33 million, up 29% quarter-over-quarter and 13% year-over-year. This reflects the successful launch of Overwatch® and strength across the broader portfolio, including Hearthstone®: Heroes of Warcraft™, which had record quarterly MAUsA, and World of Warcraft®, which had double-digit MAUA growth quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year.”

Other bits of interest:

  • Overwatch broke Diablo III’s record in China as the fastest-selling PC game in history there.
  • “Blizzard had its biggest segment revenue quarter and first half year, ever. Blizzard’s quarterly segment operating income nearly tripled vs. the second quarter last year. Additionally, Blizzard had record second quarter GAAP revenues and record quarterly non-GAAP revenues (as previously defined) in China.”
  • Activision’s quarter on the whole was its second-best in its history. Activision’s net revenues clocked in at a record $1.57B for the quarter, 50% higher than the same quarter last year.
  • Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion is still expected for September 20th.
  • You guys spent over $900 million this quarter on in-game content. “In-game content continues to be a rapidly growing part of the business,” the PR claims. Stop buying lockboxes, people.
  • As MOP reader hugmonster pointed out, Heroes of the Storm is not mentioned in the PR.
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