Chronicles of Elyria invites you on a tour of Titan’s Steppe


Hey little fella! Do you… do you have flowers on those quills? Indeed you do, for you are a Flower-Cup Porcupine, one of Chronicles of Elyria’s newest critters and possible the most adorable MMO creature we’ve seen in quite some time. According to this past week’s developer diary, the porcupine is part of the team’s effort to create a full food chain for the new tundra and taiga biomes (spoiler: this guy sits toward the bottom of it, although above the lichen).

The real star of the diary, however, is a video tour of Titan’s Steppe in which the team can show off both the environment and some of the new character animations. Titan’s Steppe is one of the regions that will be used for the game’s prologue release. The team made a lot of caveats before showing the video: “Not all animations are still in place, noticeably absent is our landing animation. In either case, the system is nearly complete, and movement in the world is now intuitive, responsive, and fun.”

You can watch it below!

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