Ship of Heroes takes you on a tour of its warehouse district

City of Heroes veterans no doubt have strong memories of their early superhero careers being spent jumping and dashing through numerous warehouses that seemed...

Chronicles of Elyria invites you on a tour of Titan’s Steppe

Hey little fella! Do you... do you have flowers on those quills? Indeed you do, for you are a Flower-Cup Porcupine, one of Chronicles...

Take a long guided tour of Worlds Adrift

Do you need to be sold on the concept of Worlds Adrift? Would seeing it in action make it more real to you than...

Revelation Online offers future players a fly-through tour

You cannot actually fly through the realm of Nuanor in Revelation Online at the moment. The game's testing is scheduled to begin in the...
There are places I remember

A tour of RIFT 3.6: Celebration of the Ascended

When an MMO hits its fifth anniversary, one hopes that the game's studio would pull out all of the stops to mark the occasion....

Everything you need to know about Neverwinter’s guild strongholds

It's a good time to be a guild in Neverwinter. That's because on August 11th, every guild -- no matter how large or small...

Soaring through Aion’s upcoming Asmodian land of Enshar

Earlier this week, Aion's Elyos got to check out their upcoming new zone, Cygnea. Today, the Asmodians can see their area that will be introduced in...

Chaos Theory: Reaping the Whirlwind in The Secret World’s Issue #11

To spoil or not to spoil; that is the question. When it comes to The Secret World, that's a very serious question indeed! As much...

The Stream Team: Landmark is where all IPs come together

When you give creative people free rein in Landmark, some pretty awesome things happen! Besides fantastical creations straight out of the player's imagination, there...

The Stream Team: Gallivanting through Guild Wars 2

It's no joke! MassivelyOP's MJ is indeed returning to Guild Wars 2 to prowl the land and take in some new sights. As beautiful...

The Stream Team: Touring Qeynos in Landmark

Who says Landmark isn't very EverQuest-y? In fact, a stroll through the sandbox right now will yield quite the assortment of Qeynos buildings thanks...