That World of Warships Steven Seagal thing is getting weirder

Remember last week when we wrote about how Wargaming has picked up actor Steven Seagal as its spokesman — I’m sorry, “personal Heroic Battle Advisor” — for World of Warships? And you guys were all like, wait, what? It gets better!

Wargaming has put together a video of Seagal visiting the studio. Naturally, they ask him whether he liked his playthrough of the game. “I think I did OK for a first-timer,” he says. “I’m enjoying it anyway.” When asked about his favorite battleship, he replies, “I would have to like The Missouri because I was on the Missouri.” He means in Under Siege, the movie.

And then they make him sign and play a ukulele. Hey, whatever pays the rent, right?

Source: YouTube. Thanks, ThatLanteshGuy.