Titan Quest launches 10th anniversary edition, free to Steam owners


Ten years ago, I became absolutely addicted to Titan Quest. It’s not an MMORPG or even an MMO; it’s an ARPG with online multiplayer capabilities, a totally generic mythology IP, epic class combinations, and some of the most fun I ever had playing solo, with mods, and with guildies online. It’s up there with Torchlight and Diablo II. In fact, I’ll be bold and say it surpasses both.

Today, THQ Nordic has pushed out a new anniversary edition of the game, free to people who for some reason purchased it on Steam even though they already owned like three copies. OK, that’s just me. But yep, it’s free for Gold owners on Steam and 75% off for everyone else. That means it’s $4.99. Why do you not have this yet.

The new edition adds voice chat, support for modern resolutions, Steam Workshop modding support, a balance pass for masteries, bug fixes from the community, quality-of-life stuff, Steam achievements, and a ton more.

See you folks later; I need to go die to coked-up teleporting tigers in China.

Source: Steam
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