Peria Chronicles is still in development after a lengthy silence

Well, I'm mollified.

All right. Peria Chronicles. If you don’t remember what the heck this game is, we don’t blame you. The game showed off an astonishing trailer back in 2014 that promised a beautifully stylized world complete with content and insanely powerful sandbox creation tools, but you might have forgotten about that. You may even have forgotten that the game skipped the last G-Star convention in South Korea, or you saw that and assumed that the ambitious sandbox was quietly shelved. According to Steparu, though, it’s still on the way; it just had some really big hurdles to overcome.

As it turns out, creating a stylized cel-shaded sandbox with content and entertaining mechanics for players? Very difficult. The team behind the game has apologized for the silence and any worries caused by said silence, but the hardest part of the development is done, although there’s still a long way to go. No word on how long it will be or even what that long way looks like, but you can check out that original 2014 trailer below if you feel like getting hyped all over again.

Source: Steparu

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