ARK: Survival Evolved to get mounted combat with weapons in v248


Technically, ARK: Survival Evolved already has mounted combat. Except that it’s only mount combat; only the dinosaur can attack. For players to participate in the fight, they must first dismount, which is not the most ideal (or safest) of positions. However, that’s about to change. Jeremy Stieglitz of Studio WildCard has announced actual player-participating mounted combat will come in v248. Select mounts, such as the raptor, will allow riders to utilize weapons while remaining atop the mount. Which weapons can be used, or whether new weapons will be introduced for this, is unknown. But at least now one piece of cover art will no longer seem like false advertising!

In other news, artist William Tate has left WildCard Studios to begin a new adventure as a 3D Environment Artist with ArenaNet.


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