Shroud of the Avatar outlines its plans for the rest of 2016


Following the rolloutĀ of Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 34, the team took a breather to lay out its plans for the remainder of the year. The long and the short of it is that the game world will continue to be fleshed out with expanded crafting, town sieges, and monthly updates.

Release 35 is scheduled for October 27th with a major focus on crafting and a multiplayer combat balance pass. Following that, Release 36 will arrive a couple of weeks later on November 17th, bringing with it guild alliances and a shift in focus to the Path of Courage. Finally, December 15th’s Release 37 is going to add a new PvP area, dungeons, town sieges, and an NPC conversation system pass.

“For the fourth quarter of 2016, we will continue to polish the Path of Love while moving on to the Path of Courage,” the team posted. “We will continue to expand crafting with focus on cooking, food, agriculture, alcohol, and fishing in particular. Combat will continue to be balanced and will expand to include cover as well as a refactor of damage types and resistances. Town sieges and roving encounters will also come online to greatly expand our feature set.”


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