Heroes & Generals abandons browser client, implements team-oriented patch


Danish games studio Reto-Moto has pushed out a new update for World War II MMOFPS Heroes & Generals just in time for Veterans Day. Dubbed “Hallowes – XP for Friends,” the patch is intended to encourage cooperation by rewarding players experience for assisting in kills, protecting tanks, and driving weapon-bedecked vehicles while allowing teammates to shoot from them.

H&G is also abandoning its browser client in favor of a standalone, chiefly because browser plugins are going extinct and maintaining multiple clients was too time-consuming.

“Heroes & Generals has been available both through Steam and as a browser based game until now. With the release of ‘Hallowes – XP for Friends’ the browser version is replaced by a new fully client-based game. A stand alone client that can be downloaded directly from the Heroes & Generals website for free. For players playing through Steam, this has no impact on their game.”

In case you’re curious, Reto-Moto notes that “The Hallowes update is named after Odette Hallowes, who went to work undercover in France as an allied spy. After being caught by the Germans she was tortured, interrogated and condemned to death, but ended up being sent to jail. She survived the war and is the only woman to have received the George Cross while still alive.” See, you learned something today.

Source: Press release
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