Overwatch player is the first to hit the level cap on his own

Sniper heal grandma has no time for your nonsense.

Fancy yourself a pretty good Overwatch player? You probably don’t hold a candle to TaZzeRK, a player who has achieved a rather interesting world first: the first player in the game to hit the level cap, at least on his own without multiple people logging into his account to make it happen.

Well, unofficial level cap, but it’s still a real thing. Apparently at level 1800 (you read that correctly), Overwatch hands out the last loot box and doles out a spiffy portrait. Currently there are no rewards after that point. TaZzeRK played 1,700 hours to reach the cap, or nearly an hour per level.

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Source: Reddit via VG247. Affiliate link used in post.

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