Here’s where ArcheAge: Revelation and the fresh start servers – yes, plural – stand right now

Not playing the game is a lot like playing the game in the right light.
Trion’s plan made sense: bring the ArcheAge servers up on Saturday with Revelation and give the players plenty of time to get into the fresh start experience.

But no plan survives first contact with the enemy, and that enemy is… I don’t know. Trion. People who play ArcheAge. Above all else, computer gremlins.

While the EU server-up went more or less OK, the NA servers spent most of Saturday suffering locks and disconnections and restarts instead. The ArcheAge community handled all of the downtime with poise and grace. Haha, just kidding. It did the opposite of that.

After being down most of Saturday and overnight, the servers finally came up on Sunday afternoon, when Trion made the decision to open not just one but two fresh start servers, causing uproar in the community, which believes the temporary stopgap will cause an unnecessary split in the playerbase and just require a messy merge in the future. Many players are also discovering for the first time that the tax rate and labor cost for taxes, necessary for landholding, have increased.

Unfortunately, the servers continued their plague of crashes and network connectivity issues through the evening and overnight. Trion’s last update, just a few hours ago, was that the servers had stabilizied:

“You can expect us to work out a compensation package once we have attained the primary goal of getting everyone back into game,” Trion’s Brasse told players Saturday. “Prior to that we simply don’t know the scope of compensation that will be appropriate to the missed game time.”


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