Here’s everything you missed from Pantheon’s 210-minute stream

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Do you find it easier to read through many pages of documentation than sit and watch a lengthy stream? Do you just want information in front of you that you can thumb through at your leisure? You might not have the time to sit through three and a half hours of footage from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s reveal of the Shaman class, but you can catch up with a helpful fan-made summary of the events. That includes some useful timestamps and plenty of specific ability previews.

Shamans should be familiar to players of the original EverQuest in many ways, as they get a Spirit Wolf pet that uses the old-school pet interface menu and texted acknowledgements of your commands. The class lacks any direct attacks of its own in this build beyond a DoT effect, but has two separate buffs for your allies (Blessing of the Wolf buffs physical stats while Gift of the Ancestors buffs Constitution and Wisdom) and several curses and healing spells. It might miss some nuance here and there, but if you’d rather just read through than watch a whole lot of video, this should save you a significant amount of time.

Source: Twitter, Google Docs; thanks to Agemyth for the tip!
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