Ashes of Creation might end up paying you to play it


One of the interesting aspects of Ashes of Creation’s business model is how the game will let you subsidize your subscription by earning money via referrals. In a brief post, Intrepid Studios outlined how its referral program will work in the future.

Basically, if you end up referring a player to the game through your own link, you will get 15% of what that player spends for the rest of his or her time with the game. The studio said that while this can be used to cover your subscription fee, players also have a choice to spend those funds on cash shop purchases or receive real cash back. So yes, you could theoretically end up getting paid more from playing Ashes of Creation than you are paying the company.

“We understand that giving players the ability to be rewarded with actual money is an exciting prospect in the gaming industry, but remember ‘With great power, comes great responsibility,'” the team wrote. “In other words, we ask that you use this system responsibly, don’t go spamming forums or your friends with endless links. A little goes a long way!


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