The Daily Grind: Which MMO expansion has the blandest setting?

Enjoy the joy of the CARGO HOLD expansion

Expansions are not all created equally. World of Warcraft went from the surreal alien landscapes of Outland and the frozen tundra of Northrend to… the old world, but with some parts of it on fire. Final Fantasy XI gave us near east fantasy and savage jungle, but it also gave us the exact same old zones in the past. The first expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic was set on a planet made of stone pillars where everyone was super shocked that the pillars were collapsing.

None of this necessarily reflects the quality of these expansions, of course, but the expansion setting is what you use to first get a feel for an expansion. It’s the time to go someplace totally different from the rest of the world, something that some games are often very skilled at accomplishing (none of the original Guild Wars expansion areas failed to feel different, for example). So today, we ask you: Which MMO expansion has the blandest setting? Which expansion has made you look at the exciting new lands you’ll be exploring and given you reason to yawn instead of marvel?

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