Dragon Nest players have Granom Nest to clear out


Think you’ve seen everything in Dragon Nest? You’re pretty elite and you’ve come back in time from the future, so you probably have. But for everyone else, Dragon Nest has a new patch out today┬áthat’s got a lot of high-level challenges for well-rounded characters.

First up is Granom Nest, a new dungeon that’s geared toward one to four level 93 players. The dungeon contains both normal and hardcore mode (with the latter only allowing three resurrections per run) and is located in the Garden of Eternity.

The patch also makes a lot of changes and improvements to Dragon Nest’s Rumble Mode: a massive PvPvE battlefield in which players can thwack each other’s noggins or the noggins of nearby monsters. The monsters in Rumble Mode have been increased to level 93 to match the capped playerbase, and winners of each bout will receive an upgraded reward pouch with all manner of goodies.

Source: Patch notes

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