Only two gamers have maxed out all of SMITE’s 86 toons

As SMITE continues its third birthday celebrations, it’s running multiple sales and bonus events in-game. Out of game, it’s produced an inexplicably weird dance-off video and an infographic to brag up the game’s stats.

Of note, players have counted over 247 million hours played in the last year alone — and mage roles are by far the most popular (it’s not even close!). And never let anyone tell you MOBAs are doomed to be short popcorn games; Hi-Rez says the longest conquest match ran 3 and a half hours.

A bonus slice of cake goes out to the two players — only two! — who’ve managed to achieve diamond mastery on every single god. I just counted: That’s 86 characters maxed out.

Check ’em both out below. Especially that video, because what?

Source: Press release, official site

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“and mage roles are by far the most popular (it’s not even close!)”

Mages make up like 1/3rd to 1/2 of the gods so that’s not really a surprise, lol. They’re the most diverse of the classes because literally any magical god that isn’t designated as a Guardian is thrown into the Mage pool. So that includes magical assasssins like Freya and Ao Kuang, as well as magical hunter-oriented gods like Chronos and Sol.


I am not one of the two.

In case anyone was wondering.

But Happy Third Birthday Smite!

Local boys done good!

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I quite enjoy the occasional SMITE match but it is never going to be something I play every day. Well happy 3rd birthday I guess :-)