Revelation Online server merges are incoming (with a new server launch, too!)

Just reboot all along.
Revelation Online is preparing for server merges next week, but they might not be for the reason you think.

The team announced that eight US and EU servers are scheduled to be merged down into four (two for each region) on Wednesday, June 14th. While your first thought might be declining server populations (which isn’t unreasonable and may also be true), says that the merges are taking place because new improvements to the tech is allowing for much higher capacity than before. It also sounds as though the team wants to get its ducks in a row before rolling out French and German localization on these servers.

Now here’s the bizarre twist: At the same time as the server merges, Revelation Online will also be flipping the switch on a new North American server named Divine Overlook. “This server will allow new and old players alike to start a fresh new journey into Nuanor by having a clean slate when it comes to economy, seal-breaks to tackle, along with everything else Revelation Online has to offer,” the team said.

All character progress, achievements, and items will be preserved. In the case of naming conflicts, the higher-level character will get to keep his or her name while the other will need to change.

Source: Revelation Online. Thanks Bernard!

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Probably one of most boring games I’ve ever played. Can’t say I’m surprised about the merger.


Ah yes, the classic “Fresh Start!” scam.


Server mergers only 3 months after launch can’t be good.

Mikka Hansen

PR-free version:
asian f2p pay to win bullshit game is well on track to kick the bucket shortly after release

surprising noone


We’re merging your boring old servers and opening an exciting new one. Thanks loyal customers!


The old servers had a smell and were quite frankly, a bit natty, so we are giving you all new servers covered in fine Corinthian leather.