Naruto Online is the one MMO where players beg for merges


According to a press release from Oasis Games, the studio is in the middle of ongoing English-language server merges for Bandai-licensed Naruto Online. The game originally launched in the west last summer; it’s a turn-based browser MMO built on the original anime and is even voiced by the anime’s actors. The merges aren’t really a bad thing, as players are flocking to the thread to put forward their servers for much-needed merges.

“Starting today onwards, we will be collecting inputs from players for server merger purposes,” writes the company on its forums. “This thread will be renewed on weekly basis to ensure continuous communication between players and moderators in regards to server and merger status. Please be informed that a server need to be at minimum age of 2 month starting from the date it opened as one of the requirements to be merge. Server merger will take place once every 2 weeks. We have records of the activity rate, which are taken into consideration for merging.”

Source: Press release, official forums

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“the one MMO where players beg for merges” – funny! This is actually a browser game – and like a huge percentage of browser games, they open servers non stop because they think it makes people spend more money jumping on to the new servers paying to try to be the best there. The problem is that the old servers become ghost towns with practically nobody playing on them. Normally these games merge eventually – as they literally have hundreds and hundreds of servers (this one has about 600) most near empty, only having population for a short time when they were new.

It’s that horrific system called “Rapid server open and merge” (only some of the companies forget the “merge” part) that came over from China. It destroys communities and is horrible for everybody except for the game companies that seem to make money off people in their pay to win games from those who want to see their names up in lights.

They’ve been trying to carry this system over into a lot of their mobile stuff too, since it worked for them on browser games. I hate these systems, and out of the HORDES of games using it they are all full of people begging for server merges.

Iain B

There have been tons of MMOs where the playerbase has begged for server merges. SWTOR and WildStar immediately come to mind.

Shiro Madoushi

ArcheAge players have been begging for merges for months.


I’m still of the mindset that out of the three big shonens of 2000ish, Naruto should have been the first series to die instead of Bleach. Naruto isn’t even that great to begin with and the series is STILL being milked in pretty much a worse way than Dragon Ball.

Kickstarter Donor

And SWTOR, players have been asking for merges for years.