Albion Online hit with ransom demand during weekend DDOS outages


On Saturday, we reported on a series of nasty DDOS attacks on the newly launched PvP sandbox Albion Online, which unfortunately continued throughout the weekend and took the servers offline for play.

“The current server outage is the result of a concerted effort to bring Albion Online down with a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS),” Sandbox Interactive told players on Saturday. “This is most likely in response to our recent actions against gold sellers to coerce us to not interfere with their illegal business. We’re working with our datacenter to find ways to mitigate this attack.”

Yesterday, however, Sandbox devs told players that they had actually been served with a ransom demand from the attackers, which the studio characterized as a “blackmail” attempt for money.

The servers are currently back up; hopefully, they stay up. Judging by the replies to the tweets, I’d say the playerbase is getting antsy.

Source: Official forums. Cheers, A5.
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