Dark and Light patch serves a demolition notice to some players

Dark and Light patch serves a demolition notice to some players

A major update to Dark and Light today might serve as an eviction notice for some players’ homes based on where they placed them. The team said that it identified “problem areas” along the Sacred Path that needed fixing, but unfortunately any structures in the areas slated for repair might be demolished.

“We’ve done some work on the terrain in these areas, and it should make for a much better experience while traveling and building a home on The Sacred Path,” the team reported. “Unfortunately, a side effect of these changes is that structures and items on the affected terrain may be damaged or destroyed when the patch goes live.”

The patch also adds health and mana displays for other people and creatures, beefs up the resistances of dragons and elementals, and “temporarily disables the Infernus Dragon’s Fire Breath attack” while the devs works on a fix for this bug. The team said that it’s been identifying exploits and dealing with them, but that it would be taking a zero-tolerance approach with those who abuse these glitches and loopholes.

Source: Patch notes

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Melissa McDonald

can anybody look at that screenshot the same way after last night’s GoT episode? :)


Call me when food and focus items start lasting longer then 20 minutes.


Call me when it comes out of EA.