Funcom warns against using third-party resellers for Secret World Legends currency

Thinking about buying or selling some of that Secret World Legends currency outside of the game proper? Funcom’s got one word for you: don’t.

The studio posted a notice on Facebook saying that it flagged several SWL accounts that purchased Marks of Favour — one of the key currencies for the game — from a third-party website. As a consequence, the studio suspended those accounts and warned the rest of the community not to engage with these sites.

“Please be aware that we are taking a no-tolerance approach to this matter,” Funcom said. “Currency that these third-party sellers offer comes from purchases made with stolen payment information. This is the case for nearly every instance of this we’ve come across, and this is considered fraud. Purchasing from third-party sellers causes economic damage to real people whose information was used for this purpose.”

Source: Facebook
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