Black Desert launches a tower defense mode dubbed Sealed Tower tomorrow

Tomorrow’s Black Desert update will make the new biweekly cadence all worthwhile. Its headline feature? Savage Rift, a de facto co-op tower defense minigame in which teams of players will protect what Kakao’s calling the Sealed Tower from enemies.

“Players will need to fend off dangerous hordes of monsters and work together to survive the 25 waves, which will gradually become more fierce and challenging. Groups from 8 to 10 people are needed for the game to start and combatants must be level 56 or higher. The final challenge will be against a powerful field boss, those robust enough to defeat them will be rewarded valuable loot, including boss armour. By accumulating points during the game, players can buy and employ siege weapons such as the Matchlock and Hwacha. To increase the chances of survival, it is vital to deploy these weapons as soon as possible. This will enable groups to rake up, even more points which in turn gives players access to devastating weaponry. Points can be transferred to fellow party members to maximise the deployment strategy.”

There’s a trailer to catch you up. Definitely an interesting type of content to add to an MMORPG, yeah?

Source: Press release
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So in KR, my understanding is that this only happens on certain channels like red battlefield. And only 10 people can get into it at a time on those channels. They said they will up it to 15 for NA/EU, but even then 15 a time is pretty dismal for the number of people that are going to be wanting to do this.



My worries however is it turns into a 500+ gear score with selective class make up only. I hope there are mechanics and/or options to avoid this.


Ok it sounds like it’s mainly a musket and cannon fighting thing. Class abilities don’t matter much or at all. Rewards as reported on reddit:
7 million silver in gold bars
EXP (0,2% at 60 | 0,02% at 61)
Hunter Seals
Black Stones (both weapon and armor)
Boss armor from Red Nose, Giath and Bheg
Housing item from those 3 bosses as well
Serap Necklace and Liverto Weapon Bundle from Titium
1 to 2 Memory Fragments from Org.
Bheg, Titium and Org can also drop 1 to 3 Mutant Enhancer (exchange 20 for MoS or WE or 100 for an Ogre Ring)

Just a group fun game basically by the sounds of it.


Hmm, Black Desert didn’t just introduce some group content, didn’t it? My oh my.


This looks great. Went back into the game a month or so after an extended hiatus. Been loving it all over again


Been looking forward to this for a while.


Does sound…intriguing! Can’t wait for the inevitable forum eruption though…need more drama there. Waiting to read the “no updates I want so I’m quitting” from all the 2 week old accounts :D!


Looks cool. Hopefully it does some type of scaling so that characters of varying power can enjoy. There’s a huge (HUGE) difference between a level 56 with maybe 150 AP, and a level 60-61 with 240+

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I found the use of the term “tower defense” confusing. That term is already taken in the gaming world, and it means a game in which you use towers to defend. Not that you defend a tower with characters.

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yet another reason to vote this MMO of the Year 2017. Rapid content updates, free of heinous scams and scandals, generous to the players, new character classes added, increased pops after steam launch, and planning for mobile and console too.