Sea of Thieves makes being a terrible pirate look like so much fun


If you’re ever out casually patrolling the open sea in your pirate ship, you probably shouldn’t light every lantern, dance on the prow, and play your concertina reaaaally loud, lest you catch the attention of an enemy ship passing in the night. That is, however, precisely what the Rare team is doing in a brand-new Sea of Thieves alpha tech demo video.

Fortunately for this merry band of goofballs and their treasured dental plan, their antics merely provoke a friendly sea race, providing us the opportunity to see how the multicrew ships perform — or don’t, as is the case when they “accidentally” ram each other to avoid ramming an island. Yeah, this game can’t come out fast enough. Chuckle along to the video down below.

Source: YouTube
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Steely Bob

the game is gorgeous, there’s so many fun elements too, but there’s so much that makes me think there’s no game here. how do you get a group of people together? how do they have any idea what to do together? what’s to make them stay in that group? is there any ownership in any of this stuff at all? what does the “loot” actually do? sorry if i’m just ignorant and haven’t seen enough videos (about 8 hours of videos in to date) but so far this is very severely lacking the kind of structure a real MMO needs to persist. i really want this title to be awesome, but i’m really worried it’s mastered a couple of amazing things and severely lacking in the thing that turns into a game people will come back and play every night, let alone hour after hour. hope I’m wrong.

Dug From The Earth

Its good that they have the “core” gameplay looking and seeming so fun. I just hope they can add the icing to the cake now.


Yeah from gameplay videos it looks like the core gameplay is super solid/fun and insanely well polished, but it’s still obviously in “technical alpha” for a reason as it doesn’t look like there’s much beyond the basic gameplay loop of hunting for treasure, turning it in, and interacting with other player ships that you run into.

I’m sure they’ll add more stuff. Me personally I’m hoping for more PvE content (tackling giant sea monsters or something? dealing with tornadoes and whirlpools and shiz at sea? big bad island bosses?) and pirate alliances/fleets (aka guilds) that make it easy to organize stuff. Also it looks like there really isn’t any progression per se right now, so I’m curious if they plan to keep that as-is and focus mostly on cosmetics and vanity for things to chase after, or if there will be new weapons, ship upgrades, etc. to pursue.

Steely Bob

i’d argue the opposite, i think they nailed the frosting at this point, not really seeing the cake…