Worlds Adrift responds to player PvP feedback


Tuning PvP during a game’s testing process has to be a thankless task, but the team at Worlds Adrift are up to the challenge. Responding to player feedback on what’s not quite working with the system, the members have drafted up a few ideas that should improve the PvP scene going forward.

Most of these ideas are focused on keeping PvP from being frustrating and lopsided in favor of the attackers. The team is giving players stronger anti-boarding measures, including land- and air-based swivel guns, as well as a dome that protects a shipyard from aerial assault.

A really interesting change is that an assault team will deplete “personal reviver charges” as fighters are killed, and once those charges are up, further resurrections will damage their own ship. “The intention of these changes is for long range attackers to only have a few attacks before they have to risk their ship being torn apart, or to force them to bring their ship in close to engage in an all-out ship battle and allow their crew to revive more often,” the team said.

Want to see something neat? One of the players used the game’s island creator tool to recreate the floating bathhouse from the animated film Spirited Away.


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Nynja Squirrelle

The comments are full of this – and there’s pros and cons to both. The reviver charges will be gotten around by people having blank revivers to use once they’ve exhausted the charges, and it will penalise solo players who currently have to leave their ship at max altitude and dive down to islands for blueprints and knowledge, repawning back to their ship. This will deplete their respawner, and they’ll have to land to recharge it, at the mercy of the multi-crew ships that are just out to gank lower players. At the moment, the griefing is high, I’ve lost multiple ships in starting areas, to players who return with fully kitted out jet-powered, iron-clad monster ships, who then destroy new player sailing ships for no other reason than ‘we can’. It gets frustrating I must admit.