Runes of Magic prepares to merge servers in the US and Europe this month


Runes of Magic fans, get ready: Server merges are on the way.

Gameforge says it’s merging all of its English, German, American and Polish servers later this month — not all into one server, but there will be fewer overall when it’s over. It looks as if half the servers are going away, with one left for the US, one left for English-speakers in Europe, one for Poland, and four for the German language players. The French and Spanish combo server will remain as it is.

“We’re currently getting everything ready for the change – there’s nothing which you need to do,” Gameforges assures players. “If you have logged in over the past few months, your account will be moved to the new server automatically when the time comes. Full details to follow!”

We last checked in with Runes of Magic last spring; in the interim, the MMO has been focused chiefly on events, including a crafting festival and fairytale festival.


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I loved RoM for a long time, iirc I played in open beta, and for a few years thereafter. And then one day, there was some kind of huge cluster duck with my account, and I lost it, or got locked out of it, or some stupid thing like that, and I lost some really great characters and tons of items and things in my bank and home. It was heart-breaking. A few years after that, even, I tried to resurrect it, but never could. Maybe now I can return to it with an open heart again.


I mentioned this in past posts but if they got rid of the ridiculous p2w aspect of the game (people complain about p2w but they don’t know p2w, you have to buy mats in the CS to even enchant! lol) this game would be one of the best mmos out there. It was gaining great popularity back when it was release