What ever happened to Darkfall, Fallen Earth, and Runes of Magic?


It bears repeating that here on Massively OP, we cover an immensely wide field of live games — so many that it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of what’s happening in each one (which is why our readers are invaluable in winging us tips about their favorite MMOs!). And while there’s never any shortage of news and happenings in the field of MMORPGs as a whole, once in a while we realize that it’s been a good long time since we heard anything about certain games that we used to discuss a lot in the past.

When that happens to me, I’ll often head off on a little fool’s errand to scout the website, Twitter feed, forums, and Reddit to see what’s going on. I hate to be out of the loop on games, especially ones that used to be more prominent in the news, but more often than not, the lack of news is because there’s been a lack of news.

You ever caught yourself going, “What ever happened to the original Darkfall? Or Runes of Magic? Or Fallen Earth?” I totally have, which is why I went on expeditions to see what I could uncover. So let’s catch up with these three games and see what is up!

Darkfall: Unholy Wars

It’s not that Darkfall is missing from the news today, thanks to the two reboots that were franchised off and are competing with each other. But what about the original hardcare sandbox? What about Unholy Wars?

To put it bluntly, Darkfall: Unholy Wars is dead. The official Twitter account stopped sending out notices in late 2014, although we were reporting on this game as recently as September 2015. Steam users report that the servers went down at some point, and both the game’s site and Aventurine’s site are offline and have been that way for some time. It’s an inglorious way to go out, without a proper sendoff.

I dipped into the Reddit, which mostly seems divided into three groups: the pro-Rise of Agon folks, the pro-New Dawn gamers, and the “we miss Unholy Wars” crowd, whom everyone tells to shut up. It’s a pleasant place, that sub.

Fallen Earth

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for this imaginative post-apocalyptic MMORPG, which is why I’ve felt sad seeing it slowly drift away into obscurity following the GamersFirst purchase. Even free-to-play wasn’t quite the boost that this title needed.

Unlike Darkfall: Unholy Wars, Fallen Earth is still up and running… it’s just that there isn’t much else going on in terms of development. We last reported on the MMO back in March 2015, when the dev team (when there was one) was delivering a state of the game post. Turns out that this was pretty much the last state of the game to date, as there has been resounding silence from the team since. The last patch was delivered in September 2015, with only regular maintenance ever since, and the last announced subscriber reward was in September 2016.

So there are no devs or CMs talking to the community, no patches, but the game is still operating, which tells me that we have functionally maintenance mode right now. There does appear to be a dedicated community and economy still going on, so all is not lost. However, there’s a lot of talk on the forums right now about how bad the lag is and begging the studio to work on it.

Runes of Magic

It’s been a good long while since we last talked about Runes of MagicAugust 2015, to be exact — but this World of Warcraft clone still seems to be ticking along quite nicely, albeit at a slower and quieter pace than it used to have. For starters, there was a community video contest that sparked this winner at the end of last year:

The last major content update, Patch 7.0 (Chapter VII), was delivered in August 2016 and added a new zone (Tasuq), increased the level cap, and added the Vale of Rites instance. Since then, there have five smaller patches, mostly activating various holidays like the Festival of Fire and the Flower Festival.

Just a few days ago, the team said on Twitter that it’s working on another content update, which will most likely raise the level cap again: “We’re working on new content patch with the game developer and we hope to share some info in the near future. Stay tuned!”

Wondering about any other games we haven’t mentioned in a while or would like some coverage of them? Let us know in the comments!


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E.D. Kaplan

Fallen Earth still has the potential to suck roleplayers and solo players alike,in to its atmospheric-apocalyptic day dream,anytime the player is logged in.

Regular updates and daily fixes isnt a thing …as much as some one,may, expect to happen, since its pretty updated similar with all hardcore mmos of the past.

If you are in to setting your own roleplay yourself or with your geek/nerd friends,FE is still a viable hidden game corner for escapist gamers.

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Patreon Donor

I played Runes of Magic in open beta, and for a good long while after it went live. Then I took a break for a long time just after they released the Druids and Elves (some kind of green combo like that), and when I came back there was some kind of problem with my account — they’d changed the system, or changed publisher, or something, I don’t know what. Long story short, my original account was lost, along with some cool alts, two high-level characters and a fair bit of cash investment too. I tried to get back into it last year, but couldn’t find the heart.

firstname lastname

Darkfall is live and kickin!! I play with a twitch up and cannot wait until May 5th release date!!

Belanor Shysdel

I played Runes of Magic now for over 6 years, and it’s still a great game!
The graphics are not how we could expect today, but it’s 8 years old now!
There is a stable player base, small, but they are all so friendly.. They will help you out, no matter what question you have or if you need help with a quest / boss …
It may be hard for a newbie to get on one level to the older playersl, but you can do it.
I can just recommend to watch some actual gameplay videos on YouTube (sort by date), like from “Scar Let” for example (that’s not me, but I like the channel). You will never find a class system like in runes of Magic again.
If you speak German, start on a German server. These are the most active (and they speak english very well). Servers from Poland are also activ. First thing you want to do is looking for a guild, and go on their TS. You will be alone when questing, so look for people to entertain you and do things together. Look for a guild. :)


Why not cover Salem? I don’t play it anymore but it is quirky, complex, quite addictive (if you can get past the pretty-much-permadeath-within-FFA-PVP setting) and notoriously absent from MOP news. And why not mention Planeshift at least once? It is an open source, volunteer-made MMO that has steadily improved from an extremely simple start.
Oh and what happened to Horizons/Istaria, is that still being developed? And Ryzom? And where is Xsyon at?

Patreon Donor

you are welcome


RoM was extremely fun but extremely p2w paywall that you can’t get the mats needed unless you get it through their CS. Also they custom gfx engine sucks, glitchy and crashes alot


I remember being instantly turned off by the RoM cash shop. If you bought all the monthly buff scrolls that gave you a real advantage over those who didn’t use them you’d need to spend $20 a month and then whats even the point of it being free to play if your paying more then you would for a sub game. I could never understand why RoM was popular.


No the buff scrolls wasn’t the issue, you can’t enchanted any equipment without a certain item from their cash shop, it was a ridiculous progression wall that frogster/GF required to get ahead


Their dual class system was really cool. Pick 3 classes and can play all 6 combinations in one character.

Castagere Shaikura

I tried Fallen Earth and it was just ok to me. Runes of Magic lost alot of players do to constant crashes after one of their updates and they never fixed it.

Rheem Octuris

I wonder what happened to Runes of Magic, indeed.


Is Xsyon still around and if so how far has it come to filling its feature list?


Seems to still be in early access.