Crowfall introduces the half-elf race, promises racial choices offer ‘significant gameplay elements’

Darn it, if you had just kept her hair brown...

Remember this lovely ranger lady from Crowfall’s original concept art? We sure do, since we’re pretty fond of using it. Turns out in the new split archetypes system, she’s a half elf, a race that’s the subject of the game’s latest dev diary. ArtCraft Design Lead Thomas “Blixtev” Blair describes a race familiar to most fans of fantasy RPGs.

“Half-Elf children are different than their Human counterparts, and these differences become increasingly apparent as they mature into adulthood. In terms of facial features, they age more slowly, but make quick gains in terms of height, strength and agility. Among Human settlements, stories abound of Half-Elves who live in forests as animals, stealing children and livestock and reverting to savage ways. This causes them to be looked on with suspicion and sometimes outright hostility. It is not uncommon for a Half-Elf to be outcast from certain conservative communities – which often leads them into a life of banditry and crime, further perpetuating the cycle of distrust and enmity.”

Blair reminds MMO gamers that in Crowfall, each race receives a set of powers and passives “baked in” at character creation, amounting to “significant gameplay elements” rather than non-existent or “extremely watered-down versions of racial powers” present in other games. The half-elf is getting a mix of human and elf goodies, as well as a “bloodline passive” granting 15% movement speed. You may also want to know that half-elves can roll up as Rangers, Druids, and Assassins.

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