Funcom continues its streak of profits thanks to Secret World Legends


The money scene continues to progress generally well for Funcom, which reported a third consecutive quarter during which it made a tidy sum. Funcom reported raking in $6 million in revenue (a little over $1 million in profit), thanks in part to “a very strong launch” of Secret World Legends¬†earlier in 2017.

“[This year] represents a significant improvement from previous years, with the new strategy of more titles with shorter development time proving successful,” the studio said in its Q3 2017 presentation.

Funcom revealed some of its plans for Secret World Legends, such as a refer-a-friend system, a smaller initial download size, a winter event, and new content coming next year. “For Q1 2018,the focus will be on major gameplay and story content release to improve retention and provide a more complete experience for the players.”

As for Conan Exiles, the team is focused on getting the game ready for its launch in Q2 2018. Funcom said that “significant marketing and PR activities” will be taken at release.

The studio didn’t share any new information about its other projects that are in development, other than to say that they are still in development. These include a Conan the Barbarian-themed title and a turn-based strategy game.

Source: Funcom. Thanks Sophiskiai!
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