Steam continues reviews system tinkering to thwart spam


Steam has been doubling down on addressing review problems lately, starting with its attempt to counter review bombing. This has been a good thing, but it has led to a new sort of bombing, flagging several reviews as “helpful” or “not helpful” to afford extra weight to the positive or negative readings. So the storefront is bringing out new adjustments to help make reviews more fair, starting by affording less weight to users who flag huge numbers of reviews for a single game “helpful” or “not helpful.”

How the reviews are displayed on the store page will also change; rather than showing the highest-rated reviews, the overall proportions shown will match the overall rating of the game. So if the title has a 70% Positive rating, seven of the helpful reviews will be shown on the page. The hope is that this will, again, prevent players from launching personal crusades just to diminish a game’s presence; time will tell how successful these measures are.

Source: Steam via Gamasutra
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Castagere Shaikura

After the pumped up reviews they left up with TSWL i haven’t read one review there since. The old TSW reviews should have been wiped clean once TSWL can out.

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I am torn, I kind of liked how if a developer did something stupid that pissed off a large portion of the player-base and refused to even talk about it then you could actually have an impact on them, and they had to think of the players.

But at the same time some of the stuff games got review bombed for was extremely petty and could hurt a good game.

I do usually take the positive to negative ratio as a basic indicator on Steam, but I will still always go and watch YouTube reviews before making a purchase.

The biggest problem I see is letting morons post reviews, especially on Early Access games where they complain about bugs or incomplete features… it’s early access it kind of comes with the territory.

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Lately – I think a revisit on the freedom of speech is in order. Not just in games but all things. I think it’s time is coming to a close – as it should.

Erik Heinze-Milne

You recognize the irony of speaking out against the current system of governance allowing free speech, yes?

Michael Mohr

And when someone shut you down because your opinion was the unpopular one, you’d be the first to shout for free speech again.


I know what you mean, but I’ve never seen a game that’s been review bombed that didn’t do something to deserve it (Or at least hasn’t gotten media attention). So far, all games that have been review bombed have been for drastic/negative changes in policies for modding, poor developer attitude, or some gripe from players in china (I don’t get it, but good for them!).

I say, let steam tweak their review system all they want, so long as they don’t start doing something that actually censors reviews. If a game deserves the players ire, no review system change is going to save it from them.